Central Park is fortunate to have a number of wonderful organizations working to make our community and the surrounding region a better place for all. Below are just a few of them. CPUN works collaboratively with all of these organizations but is not directly affiliated with any of them.

Central Park Business Association (CPBA)
Central Park Business Association

The Central Park Business Association (CPBA) is a group of businesses located in or serving Denver’s Central Park neighborhood. We provide members of the business community a place for connection and collaboration. We are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues—here to support each other and promote our local businesses within this community we call home.

The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities
The Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities

In 1995, the Foundation published the Master Development Plan, commonly known as the Green Book, in partnership with the Citizens Advisory Board (CAB), the Tomorrow Committee and the City and County of Denver. More than twenty years later, the Master Development Plan is still considered a visionary model of how cities can break the pattern of urban sprawl.

The Front Porch

The Front Porch covers news, people, places, and events in Northeast Denver. They mail and distribute more than 20,000 papers in Northeast Denver during the first week of each month—most are mailed directly to homes and businesses. Papers are delivered in the neighborhoods of Central Park, Park Hill, Lowry, Mayfair, Montclair, East Colfax, and Northwest Aurora.

Master Community Association (MCA)

The MCA is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit municipal organization whose mission is to operate Denver’s Historic Airport District through comprehensive parks and recreation management, ongoing recreational and cultural programming, and ensure for the long-term operation and sustainability of all of the community’s public facilities and assets. The MCA is responsible for the operation of all property funded and owned by the Park Creek Metropolitan District, which includes public pools, town centers, parks, pedestrian paths, trails, and parkways.

Northeast Transportation Connections

Northeast Transportation Connections (NETC) is about building sustainability in our neighborhoods. We do this by reducing the number of single-occupant cars and trucks on the road. This decreases pollution, cuts down on traffic, and helps our neighbors live healthy, active lives.

PCMD / Westerly Creek Metropolitan District

Park Creek Metropolitan District (PCMD) /
Westerly Creek Metropolitan District (WCMD)

PCMD and WCMD are the quasi-governmental entities established to monitor and authorize expenditures for the development of the Central Park community.

Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership

The Sand Creek Regional Greenway is a nearly 14-mile public trail and natural area located in the northeast Denver metro area. The Sand Creek Regional Greenway Partnership improves, preserves, and promotes the natural, recreational and cultural resources of the Sand Creek Regional Greenway corridor, including priority trail connections for the education and enjoyment of the public, linking communities throughout the watershed.


In November 1995, the City and County of Denver and the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) signed a cooperation agreement to create the private, non-profit SDC as a vehicle to lease and sell former airport property. SDC was created to serve as the primary vehicle for selling and leasing airport property and entered into a Master Lease and Disposition Agreement (MLD) with the City in July 1998. The MLD gives SDC the responsibility to maintain and lease the former airport property for 15 years, an option to purchase the property, and the authority to sell parcels for uses consistent with the Development Plan.  With development substantially complete the SDC has begun to wind down.